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Side Effects of Poor Posture

Did you know that your posture can affect so much more than just your appearance?

Other side effects of poor posture can include:

- Headaches

Hunching over and looking down puts extra strain on the posterior muscles of the neck to keep your head from falling forward. This can put strain on the muscles, causing headaches.

- Low Back Pain

Most people think of upper back and neck pain from bad posture, however, when you slouch, not only do you roll your shoulders forward, but you also flatten out your low back, which can eventually lead to pain also.

- Sleep Problems

Problems with falling and staying asleep may arise as a result of muscular tension/discomfort.

- Bad Moods and Decreased Motivation

Your posture can actually play a role in your mental state. A study from the journal Health Psychology found that people who sat with a slumped posture exhibited more negative moods, more fear, and lower self-esteem than those who sat upright.

- Foot Pain

All of that misalignment can also end up affecting your feet. Bad posture can change the way that your stand and bear weight, impacting your feet and possibly creating pain. Sore feet may not allow you to wear your favourite shoes comfortably!

- Workout Recovery Issues

Poor posture can impact your workouts and recovery times. Certain muscles can become overworked with poor posture and will fatigue too quickly, leading to more pain during and after a workout because the body will become inflamed and irritated.

- Fatigue

When you have poor posture, your body has to work harder to keep you upright, which can end up leaving you feeling tired. Your nervous system wants to maintain a posture that is upright and demands the least amount of muscle activation as possible - the more you deviate from centre, the harder the system has to work, and thus you expend and require more energy. Add this on top of general sleep problems due to discomfort and you can find yourself very fatigued.

Come in and have a chat to our chiropractors and see how your posture might be affecting you!


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