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Text Neck

Updated: May 22, 2020

Text neck is one way to refer to the posture we adopt when on our phone, tablet or even computer.

What happens:

· You look down

· Your head moves forward and down

· Your shoulders come forward

· You slump forward

This position puts a lot of extra weight on your neck and upper back – for approximately every 3cm your neck move forwards it doubles in weight. When your head is looking down at your phone it can be tripled in weight which can add an extra 10 kg of pressure

to your neck and upper back.

How to avoid text neck?

1. Limit phone/ tablet use - cut down on your amount of screen time!

2. Change your position - try using your phone in a way that doesn’t involve you looking down for long periods or switch your position every 5 minutes or so.

3. Look with your eyes it is easier to look down with your whole head but you can limit it by moving your eyes more than your neck.

4. Neck Flexibility Exercises simple exercises and stretches such as neck rolls or shoulder stretches will improve the movement of your neck - talk to a chiropractor about some exercises to suit you!

5. Mid Back Strengthening Exercises will strengthen the muscles between your shoulder blades to help improve your posture.

6. Move every 30 minutes. Make sure to get up, walk around and move your neck regularly.

7. Finally and most importantly get your spine checked regularly by your chiropractor!


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