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Hand and Finger Mobility/Dexterity Exercise

Hand and finger mobility and dexterity are not something we often think about in our day to day lives, but is incredibly important in our overall management of health. Lack of mobility in our hands and fingers can cause extra strain on our elbows and shoulders as they work to overcompensate, which over time causes muscle and tendon strain/sprains and increased pain. Here, Dr Kade (Chiropractor) demonstrates a simple exercise you can perform in any place at any time of day, to help keep your fingers mobile and pain free!

  1. Make an O with your thumb and index finger, keeping the rest of your fingers extended.

  2. Hold in place for 10 seconds

  3. Move thumb and finger our into extension

  4. Then, slowly bring your thumb and middle finger together, making another "O" while keeping your other fingers extended.

  5. Hold for 10 seconds

  6. Bring fingers and thumb into extension again

  7. Repeat for ring finger, and then little finger.

  8. Repeat whole process 3 times.

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